We love Petit a Petit! Our son has been attending since he was 4 months old and just turned 2. The teachers, space and outdoor activities are amazing. He's living his best life and making great friends! We appreciate all that Kelly and the other teachers do to make a loving, safe and fun environment for the kids.
Katie Sadler
My daughter started with Kelly at 3 months old. She really thrived there! She was happy every day at drop off and I know she was loved and well cared for. They are very responsive and care for the kids like their own. The only reason we left was because of Covid and work issues, my daughter was 9 months old. They also organize seasonal parties for parents which is really nice because otherwise you just pass each other and drop off and pick up. I really trusted Kelly and the other care takers.
Kelli Downey
Our almost two year old has attended Petit a Petit since he was 6 months old. Kelly and her team have always been so welcoming, caring, and supportive with him. It is wonderful to know that he spends time outside, engages in activities, eats healthy food, and gets to learn French! I would recommend this daycare to anyone. They have created an environment that supports children in thriving and a community for the families as well with seasonal family events.
Lindsay Robblee
This daycare is wonderfully warm, professional, and safe. Kelly and the staff are amazing, the children take good naps here, eat nutritious food, learn French, and do a lot of hands-on activities. My 12 month old baby is happy to go here in the morning and happy when I pick her up. They are so sweet and nurturing. The children all love Kelly and the staff and Kelly's family. We are so grateful for Petit a Petit!
Hilary Pickerel
My son has been going to Petit a Petit for almost a year and a half and loves it. He's excited to see Kelly and her team each morning when I drop him off, and it's feels good knowing he's happy and is having fun while he's there. They are great about playing with the kids, taking them outside, and are accommodating to each baby or child's needs and schedules. It's a bonus that Petit a Petit is a French immersion daycare and the kids get to learn a second language and develop that part of their brain at such an early age. I would recommend Petit a Petit to anyone looking for trusted childcare. It's a wonderfully positive environment. Thank you Kelly and Sabri!
Jill Sackett
My daughter and I both love Petit a Petit. Kelly and her team are lovely, kind and attentive. My daughter began at ~17 months. As a first-time parent, I was nervous about how my daughter would do, but when we arrive she gives Kelly a hug and runs right in to play. I am so glad to know she is safe and well-cared for.
Doug K.
Like many parents, we struggled to find the right daycare provider for our son. We tried larger facilities and individuals and had big issues on both ends. Petit à Petit has been incredible. Kelly is a master: 1) She is intrinsically gentle and deeply in touch with the children 2) Her routine flows beautifully and it keeps us on track at home 3) Her food is amazing - our son is always well fed (she provides the food - mostly home cooked and delicious) 4) the play area is amazing 5) FRENCH IMMERSION - our 21 month old son is bi-lingual! 6) plenty of outside play 7) Diversity among the children and parents 8) All of the kids are happy and amazingly well behaved - every time I show up, the kids are happily playing or submersed in an activity. When I show up during a snack or meal, they are all quietly eating at the table! This is not how it is at our house and they are managing to get a group of babies/toddlers like this. AMAZING lol. 9) Often times, our son doesn't want to leave! - I could really go on and on and on. We are so so grateful about Petit à Petit -reach out to me if you want a reference.